Programme Schedule


Plenary Lectures

Prof. Trond H. Torsvik, Norway India: A journey in time and space
Prof. Binod Sreenivasan, India Role of core-mantle interaction in the geodynamo
Prof. Christine Thomas, Germany Seismic structures above and below the core mantle boundary

IAGA Shen Kuo Medal Lecture

Jay Johnson, USA From Microphysics to System Science: Different Approaches to Understanding Dynamics from the Sun to Saturn

Invited Lectures

Weisen Shen, State University of New York, USA TBD S17 CoTCS The Crust of Oceans, Margins and Continents - From regional to global context
Kumiko Hori, Kobe University/University of Leeds Modelling paleo-secular variation IAGA Div. V, D2 Planetary magnetic fields and geomagnetic secular variation
Rona Oran, MIT Origins of Lunar magnetism
Richard Bono,
University of Liverpool
Wave dynamics in the core
Rune van Tent The seismic signal of outermost-core stratification J1: Earth and Planetary Core Structure and Evolution from Observations and Modeling
Joseph O'Rourke Three Stories about the Core of Venus: Implications for our Solar System and Exoplanets
Rakesh Yadav Formation of vortices and jet streams in 3D spherical shell convection simulations
Shingo Nagamachi, Japan Meteorological Agency   The history of the geoelectric and atmospheric electric observations by Japan Meteorological Agency   5.1 Current developments of Geomagnetic Observatories and integration of ground and space-based measurements